World Branding Forum Sponsors Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising Education Project

    World Branding Forum Press Release

    Educational Materials to Reach Over 1,500 Schools and Colleges

    Museum of Brands, Advertising and Packaging logoLONDON, February 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The World Branding Forum (WBF) today announced that it is to support the innovative education programme at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.

    The involvement of the World Branding Forum enables the Museum to provide quality learning experiences to students attending education sessions in the museum each year. In 2014, the museum had over 10,000 students attending sessions. One of London’s top tourist attractions, the museum receives over 40,000 visitors annually.

    “We are pleased to support new educational resources for the Museum. This is also an opportunity for us to work together with a successful charity that celebrates the best of British brands. The sponsorship fits in well with one of our core values of brand education,” said Peter Pek, Chief Executive of the World Branding Forum.

    The World Branding Awards trophy is on display at the Museum.

    Museum of Brands, Education KiM Takeover DayThe Museum of Brands houses a unique, nationally significant collection of everyday ephemera: food, drink and household products spanning 150 years of British consumer culture. Open six days a week to a diverse audience, the Museum’s core aim is to increase access to the collection and develop learning opportunities. The Museum is a UK registered charity, self-funded through admissions, retail, venue hire and sponsorship.

    Funding from the World Branding Forum will allow for educational materials to reach over 1,500 London schools and colleges.

    “Sponsorship from the World Branding Forum enables the Museum to expand and improve its educational services. These include taught sessions targeting different age groups as well as twelve subject worksheets focusing on graphic design, marketing, branding and business studies,” said Chris Griffin, Chief Executive Officer of the Museum of Brands.

    A non-profit organisation, the WBF produces, manages and supports a wide range of programmes covering research, development, education, recognition, networking and outreach. It is also involved with research and development, the implementation of standards, best practice guidelines and tools, as well as other branding initiatives.

    Its recognition programme, the World Branding Awards, will be presented in March in Paris. The awards recognise some of the best global and national brands for their work and achievements. Winners are judged through four streams: brand valuation, consumer market research, public online voting, and voting by the World Branding Forum’s Advisory Council.

    The World Branding Awards trophy is on display at the Museum.

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