VIDEO: Coca-Cola Drops Logo in Ramadan Campaign for the Middle East

Coca-Cola Remove labels this Ramadan

Labeless Cans Aims To Tackle Prejudice During Ramadan

Coca-Cola Middle East is promoting a world without labels during the holy month of Ramadan by abandoning its own.

A limited-edition run of red Coca-Cola cans features the brand’s white dynamic ribbon, but not its signature scripted logo. The backs of the cans include the anti-prejudice, pro-tolerance message: “Labels are for cans, not people.”

“Fighting prejudice is an ongoing global battle, which Coca-Cola Middle East is proud to help combat this Ramadan by reminding the public that labels are for cans not for people,” said Islam El Dessouky, IMC manager, Coca-Cola Middle East. “By urging everyone to remove stereotypes, we hope to spread happiness to the wider community.”

Studies show that prejudice is usually formed in the first seven seconds of meeting someone based on appearance, nationality or culture.

Coca-Cola Middle East also released a video documenting a unique social experiment that highlights stereotyping in society. The short film shows how Coke invited six strangers to an iftar – the nightly fast-breaking meal during the holy month of Ramadan, which runs through July 17 – in the dark. The guests conversed without forming prejudices about their fellow diners based on physical appearance.