Victoria’s Secret Sends Love Letters with xo,Victoria

The new release was launched in New York City, with Dutch supermodel, Romee Strijd, secured as the face of the new scent

Victoria’s Secret has rolled out its latest fragrance called xo, Victoria featuring the brand’s Holland-hailing ‘angel’, Romee Strijd. The new release was launched in New York City, with the charismatic Dutch supermodel secured as the face of the marque’s newest scent.

Inspired by the refreshing energy of springtime, the new variant introduced a free-spirited twist on the original version of the same product. Known for its high ‘floralcy’ quality, the perfume’s essence was built around the pairing of the trademarked Victoria Rose accord and Twilight Orchid.

The amalgamation of the two delivered an exotic floral accent, which according to the brand, can only be captured at nightfall. A delicate concoction, the potion contains citrus notes for a zesty spritz and a brush of apple for a sunny feel, while its subtle hints of English Ivy offer a sense of woody warmth.

Victoria's Secret Angel, Romee Strijd unveils Victoria's Secret's latest fragrance, xo, Victoria.
Victoria’s Secret Angel, Romee Strijd unveils Victoria’s Secret’s latest fragrance, xo, Victoria.

Packaged in a white lacquer bottle, the ambience is a bright, fresh take on the classic. Splashed with watercolour blooms and elevated with a handcrafted Victoria bow, the end result is a reinvented version suited to spring and supported by a light modern frost complementary to the feminine charm.

The revitalised collection presents various two varying volumes of the fragrance as well as the xo, Victoria Body Lotion, Body Mist, and Rollerblade offerings. The line is available for purchase both online and across Victoria’s Secret stores. Fans are encouraged to join the conversation using the #xoVictoria hashtag.