Viber Calls for A Chat with Integrated Push

Viber Chat

The effort features a multi-channel campaign encompassing a mix of partnerships, experiences, grassroots initiatives, and advertising

Global communications platform, Viber, has launched Chat, marking its first major initiative in the United States. The new brand platform serves as a tribute to users are already using the app to stay connected with friends and family. Set to transition into an entertainment ecosystem, it offers communication methods unavailable elsewhere.

Celebrating chat-worthiness, it recognises that some discussions go beyond the superficial conversations people share via updates and comments on traditional broadcast social networks. The Chat creative focuses on the funny names users assign to their chat groups.

A multi-channel integrated campaign encompassing a mix of partnerships, experiences, grassroots initiatives, and advertising, Chat began its outdoor executions this month to include metro and subway takeovers in key American cities. Digitally, the push entails media partnerships with The Fader and Paper Magazine, among others.

Other elements include tie-ups, surprise activations, and functions featuring key influencers nationwide. Recently, the brand along with social media star, YesJulz, hosted a Vibe Series of tailgates and pop-up events at college and universities throughout the country.

Collaborations include a joint venture with Spotify to locate the ‘Vibe of the Nation’ through music, to ask people to choose their most chat-worthy music track of all time. Users are encouraged to add their ultimate track to an ever-growing playlist and share their nomination with their social circles on Viber so they can chat about it.

In addition, Viber will be running a series of creative initiatives called #MadeInChat where ideas will come to life through the app; a concept that enables the creation of unique pieces of art, film, music, fashion, comedy, and other cultural content through group chats.

Meanwhile, the company is working with a host of celebrities, influencers, brands, and partners to create additional content concepts within Chat. They include The Infatuation, Barclays Center, Christmas Abbott, Sincerely Jules, Alec Monopoly, Mashable, and more.

Since launching its U.S. headquarters in Boston in November, Viber is experiencing increased momentum with 44 million users. With messaging apps serving as the next generation of social media, the brand now provides functions that make communication even more enticing.

“Chat platform demonstrates Viber’s ongoing commitment to connect people and get them chatting and interacting in meaningful and creative ways,” said Scott Nelson, Head of Viber North America. Plans remain to launch Chat in the States and UK with a global debut mapped out for 2016 that includes Europe, India, Japan, and the Philippines.