Art Jakarta 2023, the renowned Indonesian art fair, is set to unveil its latest edition at a new expensive venue, the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), from November 17 to 19. 

This move to a larger space, covering 10,000 square meters across two halls, marks a significant footstep for the fair. Further, it provides ample room for larger installations and increased collaborative endeavors, as highlighted by Fair Director Tom Tandio.

With a notable rise in participation, this Art Jakarta 2023 fair boasts 68 exhibitors, up from 62 last year. Moreover, it aims to showcase a diverse array of artwork. Notably, 40 Indonesian galleries are among the exhibitors, signaling a robust local presence. 

Art Jakarta 2023: A Must Go Place

Surprisingly, the shift to JIEXPO from the previous venue at the Art Jakarta 2023 Convention Centre offers 9,100 square meters of expanded opportunities. This way, it will engage with installation pieces and foster more collaborations within the artistic community.

Among the international participants, ShanghART will feature oil paintings by Sun Xun. Additionally, it will offer a glimpse into his ongoing feature-length animation project, ‘Magic of Atlas.’ 

Art Jakarta 2023
ShanghArt<br >Image Source The Artist ShanghArt

In addition, Whitestone Gallery’s showcase will include works by renowned artists such as Takashi Murakami, Philip Colbert, and Florentijn Hofman, adding an international flavor to the event.

Among the standout installations at this year’s fair is Syagini Ratna Wulan’s ‘Memory Mirror Palace (2023), presented at the 2019 Venice Biennale. This captivating installation weaves together objects displayed in glass cabinets adorned with text. 

Besides, it invites viewers on a contemplative journey through connections between the objects and their accompanying narratives.

Further enhancing the fair’s diversity of artistic expressions are other notable presentations. Park Jihyun’s ‘Thomson 6.1944 S 106.8229 (2023)’ repurposes discarded materials into a thought-provoking artwork. Jeffi Manzani’s ‘NOC/Turne (2023)’ merges data-driven digital visuals with telecommunications waste in a mixed-media room installation.

Art Jakarta 2023
The Taiwanese art gallery Yiri Arts showcases dynamic artwork<br >Image Source Yiri Arts

Art Jakarta‘s shift to the sprawling JIEXPO and these compelling installations and artworks solidify its position as a pivotal platform.

Basically, it’s for both local and international artists, fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation within the contemporary art landscape. As a result, this year’s edition promises an engaging and diverse experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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