The North Face Kick Starts First Global Advertising Push

Leveraging broadcast, online, and out-of-home media, the long-time brand launches pilot global campaign in more than 10 markets worldwide including the United Kingdom

Global outdoor brand, The North Face, has unveiled its first global brand campaign titled, ‘Never Stop.’ The push features cinematic footage collected from around the world, taking viewers on an emotional journey to discover the exhilaration that lives at the outer edge of their physical and intellectual possibilities.

“Whether it’s the epic or the everyday, we want to inspire people to find the thing they love and relentlessly pursue it. Building on our previous U.S. based campaign, Never Stop features people who embody the spirit of exploration,” said Todd Spaletto, President of The North Face.

The North Face unveils first-ever global brand campaign, 'Never Stop,' to change the way people view exploration.
The North Face unveils first-ever global brand campaign, ‘Never Stop,’ to change the way people view exploration.

Featuring athletes such as Conrad Anker, Paige Claassen, Xavier De Le Rue, and Tom Wallisch, who push their physical boundaries climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and snowboarding, it is blended with cultural, creative, and emotional scenes of a photographer, marine biologist, and scientist to generate a narrative of exploration.

‘Never Stop’ is set to be distributed globally throughout the fourth quarter in more than 10 markets including America, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, China, Korea, Australia, Nepal, and Singapore. While slated to run across major broadcast and online media worldwide, it will also include out-of-home executions.