Taco Bell has introduced a nationwide promotion in the United States featuring three new flavours from its $1 Double Stacked Tacos deal.

Mexican-inspired fast food chain, Taco Bell, has launched a nationwide promotion in the United States featuring its Double Stacked Tacos offering. Priced at only a dollar each, the limited-edition collection comes in three flavours—Cool Habanero, Spicy Sweet, and Nacho Crunch.

The quick service giant is using the push to elevate the consumer experience and satisfy fan cravings. To achieve said goal, the brand has introduced the exercise at a price point which it believes is becoming harder to find. The deal is part of the marque’s unique holiday specials.

Along with the promotion, Taco Bell has unveiled two new sauces—the Habanero Sauce for the first menu release and Sweet Chili Sauce for the Spicy Sweet variant. Both showcase the brand’s dedication to product innovation, and heighten the quality and variety of its original servings.

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