Stouffer’s Serves Brand Push Fresh from the Oven

The exercise endeavours to take consumers back to the deep roots and high standards established by founder, Mrs. Stouffer, in 1924

Frozen entrée provider, Stouffer’s, has churned out an advertising campaign to spotlight its meals said to be made with love—just the way you would make them. The initiative offers a look at what the brand stands for and the premium position its commands in family homes.

The exercise endeavours to take the consumer back to the deep roots and high standards established by Mrs. Stouffer in 1924. The marque which started out in a quaint Cleveland eatery later became a chain of restaurants due to the enormous success of its first location to launch.

Recognising the quality of its offerings, patrons began asking for take-away versions of their favourite specialities. Thirty years later in 1954, the family founded the frozen food operation bearing the aforementioned name. The owners then began and selling their popular items.

Attributable to the authenticity of its ingredients and zero use of preservatives, the brand’s heritage lives on. The pedigree synonymous with the Stouffer’s name is a reflection of the use of freshly-made pasta, real Mozzarella, aged Parmesan, and delicate care in its meals.

For nine decades, the chain has led the charge in its category, and continues to provide a seasoned touch across more than 180 entrée varieties. The advertisements released reward viewers with an intimate glimpse of the history, people, and dedication which built the brand.

“It is extremely important for us at Stouffer’s to show where our values stem from and how closely we uphold those same values today,” said Tom Moe, Director of Marketing at Stouffer’s.