Retail chain Søstrene Grene’s ambitious expansion drive hopes to open 100 UK stores across the country before the end of 2023.

Established in 2016, the brand has gained a vast customer outreach for its affordable home accessories. As a result, Søstrene Grene has constructed an extensive expansion plan for the UK market over the next three to four years.

After the incredible response, the brand has added an eleventh store in its existing row of stores in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Furthermore, Søstrene Grene plans to launch five to ten stores by the end of 2023.

The brand has attracted large audiences for its competitive prices and best-selling products. These include home accessories and mini home decor products.

For this expansion plan, the brand aims to build new stores and actively seek vacant retail units. This strategy of utilising empty retail space will revitalise high-street fashion, thereby creating shopping centres as a focal point for consumers.

Søstrene Grene

“Having a strong presence in some of the largest countries in Europe, such as France with 35 stores and Germany with soon-to-be 70 stores, gives us great confidence to continue expanding in the UK.” commented the brand’s CEO and co-owner, Mikkel Grene.

Most Søstrene Grene retail units are created with specific dimensions. As a result, its stores measure between 200 and 500 m2, with an optimum façade size between 8-10 meters. The brand also keeps everything limited to the ground floor. However, with its new expansion plan, Søstrene Grene targets a distinct shopping experience.

As part of this strategy, the retail chain will target specific locations with high footfall. By doing so, the building unit’s infrastructure will match Søstrene Grene’s signature labyrinth store layout.

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