Shocase Celebrates the Players Behind the Best Big Game Commercials


Social Network Credits the Teams behind the Ads; Invites Additional Collaborators to Get Recognised

The Seahawks and Patriots won’t be the only teams on display during Sunday’s Big Game. With every 30-second spot, the world’s top brands and advertisers will be too.

Now, for the first time ever, the “special” teams behind the Big Game’s best TV commercials will have a dedicated place to get noticed. Shocase, marketing’s professional network, today announced plans to host the top Big Game ads on its social network and credit the professionals responsible for bringing these ads to life.

This year’s Big Game commercials from Bud Light, Carl’s Jr., Dove Men Care, Toyota, Victoria’s Secret and many others are currently on Shocase and can be viewed here. Additionally, ads from the likes of Doritos, McDonald’s, Mercedes, Skittles, Snickers and will be on Shocase soon after they air on Sunday.

“The Au Naturel commercial promoting the new All Natural burger at Carl’s Jr. is getting a lot of attention”

“The Au Naturel commercial promoting the new All Natural burger at Carl’s Jr. is getting a lot of attention,” said John Boiler, founder of 72andSunny. “We’re happy to have the spot featured on Shocase and give credit to everyone who helped to make it happen.”

“We’re excited to show the world our latest work with Pepsi on Sunday,” said Jason Harris, president and CEO at Mekanism. “And once it crosses the airwaves, we’ll be putting the spot on Shocase to give credit to everyone involved. Shocase helps us celebrate our craft with others in the industry and draw inspiration from the mind blowing work of others.”

“The Big Game spots always create a lot of buzz, but often there’s little exposure for the people who create them,” said Ron Young, Shocase’s founder and CEO. “Shocase is designed to celebrate and recognise marketing professionals and the great work they produce. Although many of the people who worked on these ads are already Shocase members, we want to invite everyone who had a role in these great commercials to join Shocase and receive credit.”

Collaborators can join Shocase for free, visit their commercial’s page and receive credit for their work. Once a member, they can also acknowledge additional team members and invite them to the site. This consists of individuals from agencies and brand marketing teams, including CMOs, brand managers, creative directors, writers, film crews, post-production staff, visual effects producers, sound crews and talent.

Shocase is already home to some of the most recognised Big Game ads from years past. This includes Apple’s “1984” Macintosh spot, named the greatest commercial of all time by TV Guide, created by Shocase members Steve Hayden and Lee Clow. The network also includes prior award-winning ads from brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Pepsi, Kia, Nike and Oreo.

Integrating the best features of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube into one powerful and effective network, Shocase connects and promotes professionals from all marketing disciplines. With a rapidly growing, roster of members, the network already has attracted some of the biggest names in the marketing world, including titans Chuck McBride, Canice Neary and Vince Engel.

Shocase is the first-of-its-kind professional social network that offers its members greater visibility to display work, build a reputation and be inspired by the industry’s best. The network also enables members to stay informed of the latest news and trends that impact their professional lives, build working relationships and ultimately grow their business.

To date, the company has raised $17 million in two over-subscribed, equity-funding rounds.

  Apple’s iconic 1984 Macintosh Big Game ad
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