Department for Culture, Media, and Sports announced the inclusion of seven UK sites in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This tentative list includes places that have sentimental, emotional, and cultural value for humanity. As a result, UNESCO World Heritage Status preserves those cultural sites for future generations.

Following this, seven iconic British locations get a chance to join this prestigious list. To date, UNESCO World Heritage Center has preserved 1157 iconic properties, reminiscing different cultures and heritages.

According to UNESCO World Heritage Center, “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.” That’s why this organization seeks to encourage the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage.

UK Seven Phenomenal Site Making to Cultural Heritage List

York City Centre

It’s a cultural hub developed since the Roman era. Surprizingly, its ancient buildings and constructions still stand tall. Also, it’s home to magnificent cathedrals and religious buildings, including York Minister. Further, you can also catch a glimpse of heart-warming sites – from York’s River to Clifford’s Tower.

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York Minister England

Birkenhead Park

Birkenhead Park presents numerous reasons for its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage listing. Opened in 1847, it presents a pioneering project in spreading out greenery to the urban settlements. Also, it’s a much-needed sanctuary for people to catch the delights of landscape masterpieces.

Moreover, Birkenhead Park offers a natural corridor for the sustainability of wildlife, and especially migrating birds. Besides, this park holds global recognition and awards, including Green Heritage Award and Large Park’s Gold Award.

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A breathtaking view of Birkenhead Park

The Zenith of Iron Age Shetland

This heritage site includes three ancient settlements that are three thousand years old. These three former Iron Age settlements are; Mousa Broch, Jarlshof, and Old Scatness. Altogether, these ruins reflect iron age farming.

Addressing this cultural entity, Archeologist Dr. Val Turner said, “Shetland could host such a place and is looking forward to progressing the nomination within the next 10 years.”

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Old Scatness Iron Age Village Image Source SkyNews

The East Atlantic Flyway

This migratory bird’s ‘superhighway’ makes its course to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites UK. One can notice adjoining areas making associations with this European bird’s route. Areas included in this are; Yorkshire, Norfolk, Essex, Kent, and Lincolnshire.

Every year, millions of migratory birds diverge to this coast and travel along the East Atlantic coast.

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East Atlantic Flyway Image Source RSBPPA

The Little Cayman Marine Parks and Protected Areas

This year, UK overseas territory also gets a chance to mark its spot in the heritage sites UK. Often those who haven’t seen this place often think, “What are the Cayman Islands?” Precisely speaking, these are the collection of three islands making up British overseas territory.

In a nutshell, these remote islands present an exotic marine experience that can stay with a person forever.

Image Source US News Travel

The Flow Country

The Flow Country in Northern Scotland presents a rare integration of peatland. Also, it gets the privilege of being the world’s biggest blanket bog. This terrain expands over a 4000 km2 area. Further, one can appreciate different bog species, including Sphagnum.

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Image Source Northern Times

Gracehill Moravian Church Settlement

Situated in northern Ireland, this settlement was founded by Moravians in 1759. Interestingly, this place is famous for the early establishment of town planning. Primarily, Gracehill was privileged to inculcate values like education, equality, tolerance, and spirituality back in 1759.

The highlights of these nominations are; Moravian Church, Central Square, and Burial Ground. The inclusion of ‘Gracehill Moravian Church Settlement’ in the Heritage List is Northern Ireland first ever entry in the ‘World Heritage List.’

Heritage list
Gracehill Moravian Church Northern Ireland Pic Stormont Dept for Communities

Disclosing final remarks on these heritage sites UK, Heritage Minister Lord Parkinson said,

“Today, we are confirming our support for some of the most enchanting heritage sites and breathtaking landscapes in the UK and its overseas territories as they bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. “

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