Now Margot Robbie and the rest of the Barbie cast have their own Barbie!

Undoubtedly, it’s exciting news for all those waiting for this new Barbie movie 2023. However, before it hits your screen, rest assured to carve out these characters seamlessly in Barbie doll silhouettes.

Without any hint of doubt, all Barbie cast shows ‘freaking out’ expressions while revealing their personalized Barbie dolls.

Barbie cast
Image Source Instagram barbiethemovie

Margot Robbie while receiving her doll exclaimed in excitement, “Actually incredibly accurate to exactly the outfit I wear in the movie.” Moreover, those actors and actresses who have their own customized dolls are  Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, and Simu Liu.

Margot Robbie claimed this revealing moment as, ‘Best day ever!’ Instantly, she said in excitement, “It’s my Barbie.”

These Barbie characters inspired dolls are an accurate depiction of the characters in the movie. However, before the movie hit the screen on July 21, you can still get some flavors of the cast of Barbie 2023 through these dolls.

Also, the Mattel doll was revealed to America Ferrara. Her immediate reaction was “[Mattel] made dolls inspired by our #BarbieTheMovie characters. Meet Gloria the doll who is not a doll, she’s a human but now she’s a doll. Don’t think too hard about it, it’ll make sense when you see the movie.”

Issa Rae (Barbie President) also got to receive her Barbie doll. The doll wears a shimmery pink and gold dress. Also, the Barbie star gave a shout-out to Greta Gerwig for giving her free hands in deciding Barbie presidential attire.

Simu Liu also received his Ken Barbie. However, one couldn’t see Ryan Gosling’s reaction, as he was unavailable. However, you can still fetch Ryan Gosling Ken doll from Amazon in two outfits: Beach Day and Denim look.

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