Secret pledges additional US$1 million in support of equality programmes for women and girls

At the 2020 MAKERS Conference in Los Angeles, Secret Deodorant, a longtime champion of women’s equality and advocate for female athletes, announced a new partnership with Serena Williams to further progress gender equality and pledged an additional US$1 million/£770k in support of equality programmes.

As the archetype of strength, determination and perseverance to achieve her goals and break records, Williams offers her unique experience and perspective as a female athlete and change agent. To begin, she and Secret are conducting a study on “Gender Inequality in Sports” to explore gender bias and the ways it surfaces at different levels of play, from high school athletics to professional sports.

“It is very important to me that I use my platform to bring attention to the many issues faced by women in sports and to call for meaningful change. The Secret brand has been answering that very call for years by taking real action to support female athletes,” stated Williams.

“Sports changed my life and I feel compelled to continue giving back to ensure a brighter future for women in sports. I am incredibly honoured to join forces with Secret and look forward to partnering closely to further the fight for gender equality for all athletes.”

This partnership includes several campaigns featuring Williams and builds upon the brand’s long-standing efforts and commitment to combating gender inequality.

In 2019 alone, Secret has contributed more than US$1 million to support gender equality, including a US$529k/£408k donation to the United States Women’s National Team Players’ Association to close the gender pay gap in football; the purchase and donation of 9,000 tickets to the National Women’s Soccer League games to equalise game attendance and boost teams’ revenues; a commitment to the next generation of female athletes via support of the Girls Leading Girls organisation; public backing of football star Carli Lloyd’s NFL ambitions.

“There are so many issues women have to sweat – from fewer opportunities, balancing a burgeoning career with family plans, to earning wages that are fair and sustainable,” said Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director, Secret.

“In partnership with Serena – one of the world’s foremost athletes and an icon of strength – we are eager to further explore into how these inequalities play out in sports and work together to effect tangible progress.”

This effort is supported at the highest levels of Procter & Gamble, makers of Secret.

“At P&G, we believe an equal world is a better world for all of us. We are committed to using our brand voices to help spark conversations, change mindsets and drive real societal change,” said Carolyn Tastad, Group President, North America and Executive Sponsor, Gender Equality at P&G.

“Secret has been a strong supporter of women for decades – igniting important conversations around equality – and I am incredibly proud of the work they are doing to advance gender equality in sports and beyond.”

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