Hummingmint Café to also Open in Japan in September for Limited Period

TOKYO, 31 August,  2015 – The Laundromat Café in Copenhagen, Denmark, is where the Hummingmint Café was open for the limited period of 7-21 August, 2015. The collaborative café was based on Hummingmint, a Scandinavian-born female fawn launched by Sanrio in 2014.

The Hummingmint Café was opened with the hope that Hummingmint will be a bridge between children in Denmark and Japan and, at the same time, provide a kid-friendly café where children could spend time with their parents.

The café was decorated along the theme of Hummingmint, and the shelves, cushions, stuffed animals, and more, were all filled with Hummingmint. Its original pancakes were sold out. Many children visited with their parents to enjoy the pancakes and played with the stuffed animals.

The Laundromat Café owner said, “This character is very cute. Her happy colours are perfect for my café. Since there are few kid-friendly café in Copenhagen, it has been an honour to take part in this new effort for children.” It made us feel that the desire of our Hummingmint Café, to create time for parents and children to spend time together, came true as we heard his words.

Having achieved such popularity in Denmark, the Hummingmint Café is now slated to arrive in Japan in the middle of September, 2015, at La Maison ensoleille table (Tamagawa Takashima SC branch). As was the case in Denmark, the shop plans to decorate the interior with the cushions and stuffed animals, and also with Hummingmint.

Hummingmint is a female fawn who loves singing. She was born in the beautiful mint-green northern night. Her charm points are her little pink, heart-shaped nose tip and white heart-shaped spots. She is very gentle and full of curiosity, and lives with her friends, the birds & flowers.

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