Global fitness brand Reebok today announced a breakthrough partnership with JJ Watt.

Arguably the hardest training athlete in sports today, Watt is the epitome of the brand’s “Be More Human” fully-integrated marketing campaign – a rally cry for people to push themselves out of their comfort zone to fulfil their human potential. JJ Watt has teamed up with Reebok to inspire and motivate people everywhere to reach their full potential through fitness.

In celebration of his new partnership with Reebok, Watt marked the deal by releasing never-before-seen footage of him achieving a new 5’ 1” personal record in his signature box jump, an incredible achievement for a 6ft 5in, 290lb defensive end. Achieved while wearing Reebok ZPump Fusion footwear, Watt posted the video of this physics-defying leap to signal that he and Reebok will do the seemingly impossible together.

Watt is world-renowned for his accomplishments on the field but, for Reebok, it is his commitment to training off the field that truly sets him apart. From the 5AM workouts Watt completed before classes in high school, right through to his current tough fitness training regime as a professional, JJ attributes all of his success to the hard work he puts in away from the bright lights of competition.

“Most of my life has been spent in a gym, on a field or wherever I could find a space to train,” said Watt. “I don’t train to be the best football player, I train to be the best athlete. Period. My partnership with Reebok is centred around the goal of inspiring people to push themselves harder and farther than they ever have been before to reach their full potential. Fitness is something that should be important to every person on this planet. So join the movement and start training. It’s time to work.”

“For Reebok, JJ perfectly represents what it means to ‘Be More Human’ as he challenges himself to reach the absolute limits of what is possible,” says Chris Waldeck, Vice President, Reebok US. “We saw him fail his first attempt at a 5’ 1” box jump, and we saw him try again until he accomplished it. That simple act – trying, failing, and trying again – locked it in for us. Being a better human isn’t about constantly setting records: it’s about working hard to become the best version of yourself. Not only is JJ the embodiment of that belief, he is an incredibly inspiring athlete who can spread that message further.”

JJ Watt joins a formidable roster of Reebok athletes known for their tough fitness, including gold-medal winning gymnast Aly Raisman, UFC fighters Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis, as well as top CrossFit athletes Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir and many more.

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