Red Sun Lights Up with Extremely Nicotine

Red Sun Campaign

Based on consumer feedback, the brand is being promoted as ‘Extremely Nicotine’ across its consumer advertising materials

Tobacco-focused plant biotechnology provider, 22nd Century Group, has launched a redesign of the marketing messaging surrounding its Red Sun range. Based on strong consumer feedback, the brand is now being promoted as ‘Extremely Nicotine’ across its consumer advertising materials.

Independent lab tests show that its whole-leaf tobacco contains substantially more nicotine than market-leading brands like Marlboro, Camel, and Newport. Targeting consumers with a preference for bold flavours, the product is made at the company’s Mocksville factory in North Carolina.

Red Sun caters to discerning users who shun mass market produced cigarettes in favour of boutique brands that stand for something more. According to the manufacturer, though still in its infancy and only available at selected retail outlets, the product is starting to gain popularity in the United States.

Described as unapologetic, authentic, and different, 22 Century has moved to position the collection as a counter-culture breed that offers free-thinking partakers a choice—a direction which has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm where buyers are concerned.

In line with the push, the marque has rolled out a complementary exercise dubbed the Red Sun Permanent Tattoo Promotion to celebrate its loyal aficionados. The contest invites participants in select markets countrywide to design and apply original Red Sun permanent tattoos on their bodies.

Expecting only a token number of entries in a handful of cities to enroll, consumer response, to the company’s delight, has proven positively encouraging. Many have accepted the challenge to become the brand’s emissaries, with many interesting enrollments already garnered.