RB UK Launches New Employer Branding Video

RB Video

RB, global leader in consumer health and hygiene with brands such as Dettol, Nurofen, Durex and Finish, has launched a major employer branding campaign to share the company’s unique culture.

The video is targeted at talented marketers, sales personnel, clinical & medical, regulatory and R&D scientists – all of whom should be considering RB for their next career move. The Make Your Move campaign aims to bring RB directly to the attention of these key groups.

“We wanted to take a completely fresh approach with this campaign”

‘Make Your Move’ is a digitally focused campaign around what is being billed by the company as “possibly the best employer branding video ever”; a fast paced and entertaining exposition of RB’s star qualities and big brands, with a quirky style and direct challenge to potential ‘Game Changers’ designed to drive traffic to RB’s ‘professionals’ career website.

Jerome Lemaire, Marketing Director of RB UK said, “RB is a great place to work for those with an entrepreneurial turn of mind, a desire to grow their careers fast, and those frustrated by layers of bureaucracy and process. Having RB on your CV has always been seen as a positive with peer companies keen to benefit, but when it comes to talking directly to the talent we know that it is still our iconic global brands that get heads turning, not our corporate entity. The Make Your Move campaign is designed to take our key corporate messages online to reach out to talented people looking for change and a challenge – those we call the ‘Game Changers’. We want to be the first stop for talent whether it is in marketing, sales, R&D, clinical and medical regulatory or supply.”

The video starts with the challenge: “Heard of us?” and then takes viewers on a surreal journey through brands and their development, finishing with the challenge: “do you want to play the game, or change the game? RB is hiring Game Changers” and will be available via YouTube, and accessible through LinkedIn and other key RB channels. Outreach activity is targeting key recruitment and professional sites; specialist bloggers; and RB’s own advocates keen to spread the word.

“We wanted to take a completely fresh approach with this campaign,” said Johan Wahlström, HR Director Northern Europe. “RB‘s culture is very action and results orientated with rewards based on achievement. We truly want people who are willing and able to challenge and to create. In return they get to work with great brands that get amazing investment – in both R&D and marketing spend – so that RB can continue to innovate and stay at the forefront of its markets.”