Puma Graces New York Fashion Week with Rihanna

Puma Rihanna

A display of Japanese street culture and tradition, the AW16 line features footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men and women

A partnership secured in December 2014 with the sportswear brand, the first Fenty Puma by Rihanna collection has debuted to showcase the artiste’s inspiration drawn from Japanese street culture and tradition. The full-season line features footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men and women.

A fusion of ethnic influence and gothic overtones, the new range saw creative director Rihanna challenge traditional male and female silhouettes as well as blur the lines between genders. Pushing the envelope on her fashion sense, the end result is one which depicts high energy and character.

From long sleeve tops and jackets to voluminous hoodies and crew neck pieces, the fresh line-up serves both the fashion hungry and the function-needy. Meanwhile, the latest compilation also includes a choice selection of boots, sporty heels, and training sneakers.

An athletic offering with a contemporary twist, the Fenty Trainer is slated to hit stores worldwide on 26 February 2016.  Additionally, the style icon’s Fur Slide variant is set to launch in April, while the Puma Creeper returns is due to return in May with refreshed hues.

Also taking centre-stage, the Puma by Rihanna Accessories range features the classic Bomber Jacket Bag, Fur Waistbag fit with twin pockets as well as trendy durags, caps, headwear, chokers, and veiled sweatbands to introduce an original look and feel.

Finally, the AW16 Puma by Rihanna collection, under her Fenty label, includes a mix of lifestyle apparel, footwear, and accessories and will be available by September. According to the Puma brand ambassador, the range is a representation of her innate sense of dress and personality.

“I wanted to take Puma to a new place with something unpredictable and unexpected. It’s Japanese street culture with a haunting twist. I played with texture and silhouettes and all of the fabrics are luxurious. I reinterpreted the traditional in my way,” said Rihanna.