Popcorn Sutton Distilling has released a new name and bottle for its leading Popcorn Sutton brand, which was distilled legally for the first time beginning in 2010 with the purpose of continuing Popcorn Sutton’s legacy.

The speciality product, which recently won a Masters Medal at The Global American Whiskey Masters 2015 presented by The Spirits Business, has officially been branded Popcorn Sutton “The Original Small Batch Recipe”, and it will now be found in the Tennessee or Craft Whiskey sections of participating liquor stores across the U.S. The new bottle is designed to drive awareness of Popcorn Sutton among whiskey consumers at bars nationwide.

“It’s important to note that the 100-year-old recipe, production process and premium quality of the product have not changed,” says Peter Gyimesi, Chief Marketing Officer, Popcorn Sutton Distilling. “We believe the name, legacy and quality of Popcorn Sutton transcends a classification as moonshine, and the phrase The Original Small Batch Recipe better ties back to the genuine authenticity and legacy of what is a truly great American white spirit.”

The new name and packaging will be launched in August 2015 and will be phased in gradually throughout 2015.

Popcorn Sutton The Original Small Batch Recipe takes its name from its creator, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, a legendary bootlegger from Cocke County, Tennessee. Using a 100-year-old family recipe passed down through three generations, Popcorn made his “likker” by hand in the backwoods of Tennessee, selling it out of the back of his Ford Model A truck. He gained notoriety throughout the South for the quality of his product and his various run-ins with law enforcement. Ultimately, in a final act of defiance towards federal authorities, Popcorn committed suicide in 2009 rather than surrender for a prison sentence for the illegal production of liquor.

Today, Popcorn Sutton is made 100% in-house, from grain mashing through bottling, at the company’s new 50,000 sq. ft. distillery in Newport, Tennessee, located just a few miles from Popcorn’s home. Under the direction of new Master Distiller, John Lunn, the product is made using the same original small batch recipe and utilising three copper pot stills, custom made to Popcorn’s historical design, further underscoring its authenticity.

“We have tried to carry on the Popcorn Sutton legacy the best way we know how, from building a new distillery in Popcorn’s hometown to hiring one of the top master distillers in the industry,” said Megan Browning Kvamme, CEO of Popcorn Sutton Distilling. “Today’s announcement is another step in continuing Popcorn’s tremendous legacy and will go a long way in further elevating the Popcorn Sutton brand and positioning the company for the future.”

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