Google is gearing up to launch its Pixel 8 series, and the tech giant is doubling down on AI integration to set its new smartphones apart. 

Over the years, Google has consistently emphasized AI in its Pixel phones, from introducing Google Assistant in the first Pixel to the custom Tensor processor in the Pixel 6 series. However, with the Pixel 8, AI is taking center stage.

A leaked video from 91Mobiles provides a sneak peek at the Google Pixel 8 series, primarily focusing on camera features infused with AI enhancements like Audio Eraser and a feature that can alter the faces of subjects in photos using AI. The Pixel 8’s marketing tagline proudly states that it’s “engineered by Google, with AI-controlled by you.”

The promotional material highlights safety and security features, such as the Titan M2, Tensor G3 chips, and Google One’s VPN. The existing “Safety Check” feature notifies designated contacts if the user fails to check-in. However, the main spotlight remains on AI and its time-saving capabilities.

A new Google Assistant feature known as “Summarize” allows Google Assistant to generate bullet-point summaries from webpages displayed in Chrome quickly. This feature has been in development since July. Additionally, the ad mentions beloved Pixel features like Call Screen and Hold for Me.

Pixel 8 to Take a Dig on Several AI-Enhanced Features

Pixel 8
Image Source Toms Guide

The latest Google Pixel 8 ad concludes with a bold statement: “It will make you wonder: can a phone be made of magic? Nope, it’s AI. And that’s kind of our thing.”

Further, Google’s aggressive AI push aligns with the company’s ongoing quest for AI dominance, especially in the wake of the increased popularity of AI following the debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google I/O also placed a strong emphasis on AI. 

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are to launch on October 4, alongside the Pixel Watch 2, and they come with slight price increases. Moreover, AI is poised to be the defining feature of Google’s latest smartphone offerings, thus, elevating its incredible features. 

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