Tongue-In-Cheek Interactive Video Satirises Advertisers’ Over Reliance on Pets

Orapup, the first tongue cleaner to beat bad dog breath, today unveiled the world’s first 360-degree commercial for a product — and it’s centred around a room full of puppies. Written, produced and “directed” by Molio, a new video marketing ad technology and branding company, the tongue-in-cheek video is hosted on Littlstar, the first global network and community exclusively for 360 degree, panoramic and VR video.

“We’re excited to continue Orapup’s streak of creative videos with this groundbreaking video format”

The video parodies the popularity of pets in branded videos about products completely unrelated to pets. Viewers are invited to scroll around and enjoy watching puppies playing in a room in an interactive, 360-degree video experience. 360-degree video is gaining traction for its ability to engage people in a more interactive way than traditionally filmed content.

“We’re excited to continue Orapup’s streak of creative videos with this ground-breaking video format,” said Mike Boswell, vice president of sales and marketing at Orapup. “From Kia using hamsters to sell cars to Aflac having a duck mascot, advertising often features pets and animals in strange, unrelated ways. It seemed ripe for parody.”

In addition to this 360-degree video, Orapup has a popular YouTube presence and has built a strong and loyal following through video marketing. The Orapup YouTube channel, which features educational and entertaining content about dogs and proper canine oral care hygiene, has amassed more than 23 million views — more than such well-established pet brands as IAMS, Pedigree and Purina.

“With this video, we wanted to create a tongue-in-cheek video about dirty dog tongues while exploring the novelty of 360-degree branding,” said Jeff Davis, CEO and co-founder of Molio. “Puppies are inherently watchable, but adding in the immersive experience of interactive video creates an entire new level of engagement. At Molio, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with video marketing, and we’re proud that relentless drive has resulted in the first 360-degree commercial.”

Approved by veterinarians, Orapup combines ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles with four in-line scrapers to collect and remove bad breath-causing bacteria from a dog’s tongue. To entice dogs to lick away their bad breath and help build their natural oral health, Orapup Lickies, a supplement with U.S. FDA-approved, gluten-free ingredients, is applied to the surface of the Orapup. Long a source of frustration for pet parents, proper oral care is a treat with the Orapup because it encourages dogs to clean their own tongues, creating an enjoyable bonding experience.

To watch the video, “Puppies in a Room,” visit:

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