Nissan Delivers on NCV Promise with the Tough Guys

The carmaker has launched a push featuring a short film titled The Delivery and TV icons Mickey Rourke, Carl Weathers, and more

In an effort to promote its line of commercial vehicles, Nissan has kick-started an integrated marketing campaign for which the main highlight is a short film titled, The Delivery, starring Hollywood icons Mickey Rourke, Carl Weathers, Raymond Cruz, and Teresa Ruiz.

Included in the push is a comprehensive digital and print component dubbed, Tough Guys, which is scheduled for release on 12 November 2015 across a variety of social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook as well as digital partners like Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Themed ‘Payback Delivered’ – the centrepiece of the initiative is a six-minute online action parody. Spoofing the 80s action movie sub-genre, it showcases the many features of the Nissan Commercial Vehicle line-up. In it, a special ops agent teams up with a retired Green Beret turned florist for ‘one last job’.

As the story unfolds, the standout features of the Nissan Commercial Vehicles are revealed to include America’s Best Commercial Van Limited Warranty as well as performance of the fleet’s suspension, anti-lock brakes, anti-corrosion features, and powertrain (limited warranty is 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first).

“These vehicles endure more than 7,000 tests during the development process, compressing 13 years of real-world use into about three months. The results are highly dependable vehicles for our owners,” said Jeremy Tucker, VP, Marketing Communications and Media of Nissan North America.

In addition, four 45-second product-focused videos are in place to highlight the leading features of the NCV fleet. In 2014, the carmaker began offering America’s best commercial van warranty on its Light Commercial Vehicles fleet with basic limited bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage of five years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Nissan Commercial Vehicle sales are enjoying strong year-over-year growth with NV200 sales up 38 percent for the first ten months of 2015 versus 2014. Sales of the full-size NV Cargo and Passenger vans are up 15 percent over the same time period. All Nissan Commercial Vehicles sold in the United States are assembled in North America.