The brand has expanded its relationship with George Clooney, with the star newly signed on as its official brand ambassador for the US

Premium single-serve coffee pioneer, Nespresso, has expanded its pre-existing relationship with American actor, screenwriter, director, and activist, George Clooney, with the star newly signed on as the espresso-maker’s official brand ambassador for the United States.

Beginning 2 November 2015, the Hollywood giant is set to feature in the brand’s latest integrated marketing push slated for the U.S. which brings to life Nespresso as a cup above. Executions are scheduled to appear across television, print, and digital ads and include a partnership web film, dedicated microsite as well as social media.

The said exercise will also run in Canada and is the first branded television advertising campaign in North America to feature Clooney. As global brand ambassador, he will share Nepresso’s heritage of quality coffee, innovative design, leading sustainability, and customer service to include its American consumers.

In fact, he has maintained a decade-long partnership with the brand in Europe and other international markets since 2006, serving as the face of several past initiatives both via broadcast and print. Also a member of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board, he collaborates on ideas and solutions affecting coffee farmers.

The respective 30- and 60-second commercials depict Clooney dressed in war general’s suit while at a movie studio commissary, liner up for coffee when he meets Danny DeVito, who’s clad in a Napoleon costume. The latter then pours himself a coffee from an antiquated pot, while the former brews a fresh Nespresso.

DeVito and various others are intrigued by the selection, so he asks to be introduced to Nespresso and the general agrees to train his newfound comrade in the art of good taste—from personal choice of coffee to the beauty of tango to a finely-tailored suit. The underlying message demonstrates how everyone can ‘experience a cup above.’

In the film, Clooney discusses his long-term collaboration with the brand, its impact on thousands of farmers and their communities, and the work being done in South Sudan to revive high-quality coffee production. It also focuses on Nespresso’s robust recycling programme and choice of infinitely recyclable aluminium for its capsules.

To promote recycling, it has three options and 500 collection points at Nespresso Boutiques and drop-off locations at select retail partner outlets nationwide. Also, a UPS mail-back programme offers pre-paid recycling bags for used capsules featuring 88,000 UPS drop off locations. The programme has expanded from 20 to 48 states.

“We are very proud of the work we have done together and look forward to extending the partnership to bring our brand story and high-quality sustainable coffee to more people in the United States,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, President of Nespresso USA and member of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board.

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