Maserati Dials Levante Up A Notch with Mobile App

Designed for IOS and Android devices, it offers a spectacular preview of the SUV, opening with a clean canvas to showcase the car

Maserati is set to debut the Levante at the Geneva International Motor Show beginning 3 March 2016. Complementing the vehicle’s premiere is the launch of an Eview 360 developed mobile application meant to take fans on an immersive journey featuring the Italian carmaker’s maiden SUV.

Designed for both IOS and Android devices, the app offers a spectacular preview of the automobile, opening with a clean canvas showcasing the new release. The smart feature endeavours to invite users to discover more about the vehicle in an interesting and responsive way.

Interactive technology with a ‘tilt and view’ capability within the platform’s start sequence allows viewers to explore the ride at different angles, so as to deliver a sense of what the Levante looks like up close. The app is available across markets worldwide and is downloadable via the App Store and Google Play.

A responsive user interface provides easy access to each of its six sections. Natural side-to-side swipes allow fluid transitions between sections and screens that let users connect with the finer details of Levante in an easy-to-navigate and informative way.

“The app integrates multimedia and 3D interactivity as well as includes detailed specs for the new vehicle as well. It’s a mobile app that offers users an experience that is as unique and unforgettable as the vehicle itself,” said Melissa Centra, CEO of Eview 360.

On the technical side, the app’s Discover section gives users a closer look at the SUV in a variety of on-the-road photo settings along with studio photos of the Levante’s exterior and interior design features. In the Features section, custom animation and computerised graphics highlight the car’s technical innovations.

Using the Tailor section, consumers can configure their own vehicle and view both interior and exterior options, including paint, interior colours, materials as well as a variety of wheel style and brake options. Meanwhile, the Lifestyle and Social sections highlight how people can enjoy their Maserati on a daily basis.