Marie Curie are encouraging people to talk about death in their new campaign that holds the tag line ‘Whatever you call it, we should all talk about it’.

The campaign comes as the charity became aware that people are unable to talk about death, an inevitable fact and reality in everyone’s lives. Research conducted by the charity found that people were not prepared for dealing with lost loved ones. 

In the new campaign, lighthearted euphemisms and animation bring the subject forward, to encourage people into the conversation. 

The advert ends with the line: “Whatever you call it, we should talk about it.”

Marie Curie CEO Matthew Reed commented on the campaign: “Our ageing population means it is increasingly important for families to have conversations, share their wishes and be prepared so that they have the best chance of a good end of life experience for themselves and those they leave behind.

“While most of us say we are comfortable having these conversations, the reality is that many of us are not making any preparations as it feels a long way off or something that will cause unnecessary upset both for us and the people around us.

“But we need to plan more for the end of life, while there is still time to do so. Having these conversations early can be easier than having them when we, or someone we love, is dying.”

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