LG Electronics has launched its advanced InstaView refrigerator with MoodUP in France.

In conjunction with celebrating the release of two LG InstaView™ with MoodUP™ lineups in France, the company hosted a grand picnic on Paris’s iconic Champs-Élysées on 26th May.

LG Electronics held an experience event on the 26th (local time) on the Champs-Elysees Street of the landmark in Paris to announce the launch of the "Mood Up Refrigerator" in France. More than 4,000 people visited the event.
Image Source LG Electronics

LG’s Iconic Innovative Refrigerators

The brand has now introduced its InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP in France, following successful launches in Spain, Germany, and Italy. This expanded range includes a new bottom freezer model, which has become highly popular among European customers.

Besides offering a smart and customisable culinary experience, the company’s colour-changing refrigerators are ideal for those who want to express their mood and personal taste in the kitchen.

LG’s Unique Launch Event: Le Grande Pique-Nique des Champs

Dubbed Le Grande Pique-Nique des Champs, the launch event attracted more than 4,000 people.  Guests had the opportunity to personally experience the innovative features and unique value of the brand’s latest refrigerators.

With support from the City of Paris and the Comité Champs-Élysées, the brand turned a section of the world-famous avenue into a large, vibrant picnic area with a 216-meter-long tablecloth.

The event presented a variety of entertaining experience zones, including eight kitchen areas, each with a distinct atmosphere delivered in part by the brand-new refrigerators and their colour-changeable LED door panels and InstaView lighting.

InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP
Image Source LG Electroics

The brand also hosted a special event for Parisian picnickers, providing them picnic baskets filled with essentials like mats and utensils.

Guests enjoyed delicious food from booths set up specifically for the event and got to experience the new refrigerator lineup with its innovative features. Moreover, guests could change the colour of the refrigerator’s door panels and play music using the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

New LG InstaView with MoodUP Refrigerator Lineup

The new InstaView with MoodUP refrigerator lineup offers two compelling choices: a French Door model and a bottom freezer model. The brand’s interactive appliances feature cutting-edge functionalities that enhance and personalise the customer experience.

Via the ThinQ™ app, users can apply up to 170,000 colour combinations to the refrigerators’ colour-changing LED door panels to create a different look and feel in the kitchen.

InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP
Image Source LG Electronics

Furthermore, the new models also incorporate the brand’s distinctive InstaView door panel, which improves convenience and energy efficiency by letting users see inside without opening the door.

On top of that, the InstaView bottom freezer with MoodUP comes with a 4.3-inch LCD Cover Screen and a touch display that conveniently manages various refrigerator settings.

In addition, the company’s innovative refrigerators come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, enabling users to play songs and podcasts from their favourite streaming apps.

Bringing a fun, dance-party vibe to the kitchen, the refrigerators’ LED lighting can even pulse in sync with the music’s beat. The door-panel colour changes automatically when Party Mode is activated. The Colour Alarm feature further enhances user interaction and communication by making the LED door panels blink or glow brighter in specific situations.

InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP
Image Source LG Electronics

LG Goes Global

Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, said, “It’s an honour to host such a unique and enjoyable event on ‘the world’s most beautiful avenue’, and to showcase our innovative, customisable InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP to a French audience.”

In conclusion, this interactive experience allowed the brand to showcase the innovative features of their new refrigerator while enhancing the Parisian picnickers’ enjoyment of their special day. LG’s innovative approach made this a truly memorable experience for Parisian picnickers.

LG Electronics has released the refrigerator lineup in seven countries, including France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, and plans to expand the number of countries to 15 by the end of this year.

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