Kia Keeps Eye on the Ball with 2016 Sorento Push

The carmaker resurfaces with a second football season for the U.S. market, marking the extension of its marketing campaign for the new look 2016 Sorento CUV

Kia Motors America has returned for a second season of ‘NBC Sunday Night Football’ to extend its marketing push for the redesigned 2016 Sorento CUV, beginning 4 October 2015. The new campaign takes a light-hearted approach to prove Kia’s largest CUV is capable of handling anything football families throw at it.

Featuring three advertising spots namely Participation, Great Game, and Pants, each execution focuses on a key Sorento feature in addition to real-life football situations. By showing a contrast between how real ‘football parents’ are expected to act versus what’s really going on in their heads, the ads take on a humourous spin.

Aimed at breaking through the clutter of the game, the executions were developed by David&Goliath, Kia’s advertising agency of record. The said Sorento TV spots can be viewed during Sunday Night Football broadcast on NBC, and highlights key features of the vehicle including cargo space, the cabin, and all-wheel drive capabilities.

Participation depicts a father and son walking to their Sorento after an end-of-season ceremony with a participation trophy in hand. The father’s inner monologue is heard as he questions why an undefeated season by his son’s team deserved only a participation trophy.

Kia Motors launches'Built for Football Families' Campaign for 2016 Sorento.
Kia Motors launches Built for Football Families Campaign for 2016 Sorento

In the Great Game, a father loads the last of his son’s football equipment into the Sorento’s spacious cargo area. Following a congratulatory “Great game today, Billy,” from the father, the mother’s inner monologue is heard, conveying a very different message about her son’s performance on the field.

The third of the series, Pants, features a family pulling their Sorento into a packed parking lot next to a football field. The husband suggests his wife park far from the field where there are available parking spots, at which point the wife’s inner monologue is heard: “A.W.D. stands for all-wheel drive. Not, asphalt will do.”

“Sunday Night Football attracts the largest primetime audience and provides an excellent opportunity to connect with football fans and showcase the premium utility experience of Kia’s largest and most capable CUV ever,” said Tim Chaney, Vice President of Marketing Communications of Kia Motors America.