Kenneth Cole Makes Gender-Neutral Scents

kenneth cole fragrance

The Kenneth Cole for All collection presents gender-neutral fragrances. The three urban scents are named Serenity, Energy, and Intensity.

Representative of a new generation, Kenneth Cole has created a collection of gender-neutral fragrances to entice the individual to find his or her match. Featuring three scents namely Serenity, Intensity, and Energy, each works alone or can be paired with another.

Serenity blends smooth cashmere woods with whiskey and vanilla notes for an instant infusion of calm and relaxation. For the thrill-seeker, Energy packs a refreshing punch. White citrus and orange blossom accents meet a vibrant dose of tuberose, green vetiver, and musk for an immediate pick-me-up.

Finally, Kenneth Cole Intensity delivers an intriguing and lasting impression. Notes of spicy pepper, heady tobacco leaf, and bold coffee stimulate the senses. Conceived as a triptych and inspired by life, the product campaign captures both individuality and creativity.

Fusing minimalism with strong lines and a structured silhouette, the fragrance flacon makes a striking visual statement. The distinctively cut Italian glass bottle topped with a matte black cap is bold and modern. The packaging was designed by Lloyd & Co in partnership with the perfume-maker.