Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President of Marketing of PR Newswire has been invited to participate in the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s North American Advisory Board.

The CMO Council North America Advisory Board is comprised of prominent marketing executives and thought leaders from a diverse range of industries and globally-known brands. Acting as a conduit for knowledge exchange between marketers in North America and beyond, these voices serve as an invaluable guidepost as the CMO Council grows and builds new initiatives. The CMO Council is the only global network of executives specifically dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange.

“The world of marketing is fundamentally shifting,” said Wincko. “To be effective, marketing leaders need to rethink their go-to-market approach in how they engage buyers and other key stakeholders. At PR Newswire, we focus on addressing the core needs of buyers through a digital marketing framework that creates compelling, consistent buyer interactions across touchpoints. This data-driven approach has enhanced the buyer experience and driven significant incremental growth in our business.

Wincko manages PR newswire’s global marketing strategy and is a member of the Executive Management Committee. He has more than 20 years of marketing, product and business development experience in bringing innovative marketing programs and solutions to market for both B2B and B2C organisations. He is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences and has been covered in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Alister & Payne, The Demand Gen Report, Marketing Sherpa, TechTarget, and Destination CRM. Wincko is an advocate for a buyer-centric, progressive marketing approach spanning the customer lifecycle.

In 2015, PR Newswire was nominated for a Marketo Revvie Award for most innovative marketing program, and was named a finalist by the Content Marketing Institute for best content marketing measurement and ROI. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) has also been named a top 20 brand influencer in public relations and top 80 brand influencer in content marketing.

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