Kellogg has provided 446 million servings of food worldwide and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20.7%

Feeding hungry children. Protecting our planet. Promoting wellbeing. Driving equity. On their own, each of these actions can make someone’s day better. Put them together, and they can create real change. That’s why Kellogg Company is committed to helping three billion people have better days by the end of 2030.

“Kellogg knows we can make a difference for our employees, our communities and the world,” said Chairman and CEO, Steve Cahillane. “At the same time, we are battling the health and economic impact of COVID-19 and fighting the devastating daily effects of chronic hunger. Today, we are releasing our annual Corporate Responsibility Report to provide an update on the progress we’ve made on these and other commitments. As a company with heart and soul, we are committed to making a meaningful impact.”

This year, as global hunger rates are expected to double, Kellogg and its charitable funds have donated more than US$13m/£10.3m in food and cash to global COVID-19 hunger relief efforts to date, in addition to providing 446 million servings of food worldwide in 2019. Complementing the company’s support for COVID-19 relief, Kellogg and its employees continue to work with charitable partners around the world to distribute food during this difficult time.

Throughout its business, Kellogg is supporting a more sustainable food system for the future. In 2019, the company reduced greenhouse gas emissions in its manufacturing sites by more than 20% – exceeding their 15% reduction goal one year ahead of schedule.

In addition, the company progressed towards its commitment to responsibly source ingredients and have reached over 430k farmers and workers through sustainable agriculture programmes. Maintaining one of the smallest plastic packaging footprints amongst peer food companies, Kellogg has achieved 76% packaging recyclability in 2019, continuing to create sustainable packaging for its foods globally.

Kellogg views wellbeing holistically, recognising the important role the company, its brands and its foods play in positively impacting wellbeing across physical, emotional and societal needs of people, communities and the planet. To support physical wellbeing, Kellogg makes foods that address nutrients of need and support a healthy gut microbiome.

All Kellogg cereals now include at least one nutrient of need, whether that be fibre, protein or micronutrients. To drive emotional wellbeing, Kellogg’s foods delight the senses and bring people together to create positive connections, and Kellogg addresses the needs of society by supporting biodiversity and a more sustainable food supply that encourages a diverse plant-based diet.


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