Jiffy Packaging To Clamp Down on Brand Theft

Jiffy Packaging, makers of the iconic Jiffy Padded Bag, is embarking on a programme of brand protection

The leading protective packaging company has for some time been aware of companies and individuals passing off the Jiffy brand name, either innocently or, in some cases, deliberately.

Protecting the company’s brand name and all that it stands for, as well as looking after the interests of loyal customers and Jiffy’s staff, to assure the future of the brand, is a key business objective.

“It should be clear to all that Jiffy will do everything necessary to protect its brand and it is unacceptable and unfair that companies feel able to use the Jiffy brand to leverage sales for their own businesses if they are not using our products. We take our responsibilities of brand protection policy extremely seriously and I would warn anyone using the Jiffy name under false pretences to desist,” said Max Weller, Managing Director of Jiffy Packaging.

The company has particularly noticed sellers on Ebay and Amazon using the Jiffy name erroneously.

“Those passing off the Jiffy name and brand identity must realise that by doing so poses a commercial threat to Jiffy Packaging. Individuals and businesses intimating that they have some association with the Jiffy brand are confusing and misleading their customers and such activity is simply not condoned by the brand,” Weller added.

Weller said that Jiffy Packaging will take legal action against those flagrantly passing off the Jiffy name and brand identity.