MSR Communications Generates Buzz with New Adult Novelty Client

MSR Communications was recognised with three coveted industry awards for its ingenuity and impactful results

MSR Communications, an independent public relations and social marketing firm that offers award-winning communications management services to technology, B2B and consumer lifestyle companies, announced the addition of new client, California Exotics Novelties (CalExotics), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adult novelty products, to its consumer lifestyle practice.

In addition, the agency has been recognised with three coveted industry awards from PR Daily, Hermes Creative, and the Communicator Awards for the agency’s ingenuity and impactful results secured for its former adult novelty client, Womanizer.

This momentum comes on the heels of three prior MarCom award wins for the agency’s excellence in communications, PR and marketing.

“It is an exciting time for women’s health and lifestyle novelty products. Throughout our 19-year history, MSR has been at the forefront of representing innovative health and wellness solutions for a variety of consumer brands.

“We are honoured to receive such prestigious awards that recognise our creativity in this space and look forward to even more opportunities to elevate brand awareness for CalExotics, its original products offering, and talented executive team with exciting new initiatives ahead,” said MSR Principal and CEO, Mary Shank Rockman.

When it comes to producing compelling viral content, the agency is not afraid to leverage topics that were once kept behind closed doors. The firm collaborated with BuzzFeed to create the video, “Women Try Orgasming in 3 Minutes or Less,” which featured three women who tested Womanizer’s product and captured their reactions.

MSR was recognised for this extraordinary work with a Hermes Award for “Best Product Launch,” a Communicator Award in the “Integrated Campaign” category, and an Honourable Mention for best “Viral Campaign” from Ragan’s PR Daily, which recognises campaigns that were ‘so funny, memorable or relatable,’ they had to be shared.

The video was viewed over 10 million times and the product earned broadcast media placements on CNN, The Doctors, and The Conan O’Brien Show; as well as earned coverage in The Huffington Post, Bustle, People Magazine, The New York Post and more.

Building on the agency’s award-winning work in sexual health and wellness, MSR added CalExotics to its roster of clients to help the company create its first-ever PR programme designed to generate consumer brand awareness.

The agency will conduct consumer lifestyle campaigns and thought leadership initiatives for the company’s CEO, Susan Colvin, who since 1994, was the first female business owner in this traditionally heavily male-dominated industry.

“We are so impressed with MSR and everything they have accomplished, we have every confidence they will help us expand our brand visibility. CalExotics is more than a novelty company.

“We are committed to helping all people understand the importance of sexual health and wellness. We look forward to partnering with MSR to bring our innovative products and expertise direct to people around the world,” added CEO, Susan Colvin.