Essence has won NBCUniversal and Target in North America, with Pam Sullivan and Jason Harrison set to lead the accounts respectively.

Essence has just added NBCUniversal and Target to its North American roster. NBCUniversal will transition from Maxus, while Team Arrow and the Target business will become part of the agency’s expanded structure. The digital firm had previously been collaborating on both accounts.

As a result, its total billings will grow to almost $3 billion, furthering its momentum as one of the fastest growing firms worldwide. The news follows the recent strategy by GroupM to increase investment in Essence, alongside the addition of non-digital capabilities to the agency’s remit.

The move includes an influx of executive talent, most notably Pam Sullivan (pictured), who is currently Managing Director of Maxus Los Angeles, and Jason Harrison, CEO of Team Arrow—both have managed the NBCUniversal and Target accounts for their respective agencies in the past.

Joining Sullivan on the account will be over 230 people from Maxus in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and Toronto. She started on the account in 2011, when Essence won the traditional media responsibilities for 18 film and television business units across North America and Canada.

Target is to remain under Harrison. Upwards of 100 people from Team Arrow will transition to Essence and be split between New York and Minneapolis to service the brand. The team has been providing strategy, integrated planning, digital, social, and measurement for its marketing campaigns.

“Our ability to drive lasting change and enduring value is predicated on our clients sharing our belief that investment in data, measurement, and platforms can create higher returns for brands and better experiences for consumers,” said Christian Juhl, Global Chief Executive Officer at Essence.

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