BrandSpins Acquires TONE Technology to Revolutionise Advertising Music

BrandSpins Acquires TONE Technology to Revolutionize Advertising Music

The Audio Beacon Technology by BrandSpins and TheToneKnows Works in Anything with Sound Including Films, Video Games, as well as the Retail Environment

MusicDealers, a music licensing company, claims to have the world’s largest ‘pre-cleared’ music catalog for use in television and radio commercials. Shortly after the platform was acquired by BrandSpins, they updated and automated the platform which then began spinning off profits. Now, on the 10th anniversary of MusicDealers and only a year after BrandSpins bought the platform, MusicDealers is announcing the release of a new technology called ‘TONEprotocol,’ that will revolutionise the advertising industry.

BrandSpins, a company that seeks to revolutionise digital music distribution, acquired an interest in the patent-pending technology that will be exclusively available via subsidiary TONEprotocol works by embedding an imperceptible tone called a ‘TONE-Tag’ into any MusicDealers’ song used within television, radio, and streamed advertisements. The ‘Tone-Tag’ is an imperceptible audio beacon that converts this beacon to a “code” which can be deciphered by any smartphone. Once perceived by any mobile device, the ‘TONE-Tag’ will trigger a graphic ad which instantly appears on the listener’s mobile phone.

“It is pretty impressive to be listening to a radio ad and magically have a coupon, flyer, or event ticket show up on your phone. The technology is solid. All the inventors needed was a music catalog, method of distribution, and big brand relationships. We have all that,” said Billy Tuchscher, CEO of BrandSpins and MusicDealers.

Tuchscher, whose background includes controlling the Rolling Stone brand, has companies with strong track records of branding and relationships including: Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Airbnb, McDonald’s, Disney, Visa, Nike, Miller, MTV, CoverGirl, Coors, Discover, HBO, NBC and Netflix.

The revolutionary new technology was developed by TheToneKnows which has been based in the San Francisco Bay area. The company and its CEO, Tom Webster, are now relocating to Las Vegas where its new partners BrandSpins and are based. The companies came together after an initial meeting at the NFL Championships in Houston. Since that January meeting, things developed quickly.

Beyond radio and TV, the audio beacon technology works in anything with sound including films, video games, as well as the retail environment. By installing inexpensive TONE-emitting chips sets in retail stores and public spaces, coupons, ads, and promotions can be delivered to any smartphone within about 30 feet. This application of the technology could replace expensive and maintenance-intense bluetooth beacons and RFID-based systems.

“We have nine-figures worth of business deals pending! It has been a really fun journey to see what joining with the talent and resources of Billy Tuchscher and BrandSpins has done for us,” said Webster.