Hyundai Signs Four for Super Bowl 50 Campaign

Hyundai Elantra

A collaborative effort between the car giant and four renowned directors, the executions are scheduled for roll-out in February 2016

 Hyundai Motor America has mapped out a series of four advertisements in conjunction with its Super Bowl 50 marketing campaign. A collaborative effort between the carmaker and four renowned directors, the executions are scheduled for roll-out in February 2016.

The brand is set to run two 30-second in-game spots across the first and second quarters of the season. In addition, it has secured the pre-kick slot, during which a new 60-second commercial will air to capture viewers primed for the start of The Big Game. Meanwhile, the pre-game show will feature another one-minute TVC.

Two of the ads will highlight the safety, technology, and convenience features of the 2017 Elantra (pictured). Sporting a new design and notable advancements, the model is being promoted as a leader in the compact car segment. A following execution will focus on Genesis as premium sedan variant.

The car boasts a luxury suite of convenience features, driving dynamics, and high-end amenities to match the needs of the vehicle’s main target audiences. The fourth Super Bowl ad will use compelling storytelling to highlight the core values of the brand. Hyundai has also unveiled the dream team behind the push.

The select unit has directed many award-winning feature films and are four of the most sought-after talent in the business. They include Peter Berg (Pony Show Entertainment), Fredrik Bond (MJZ Productions), Aaron Stoller, and Janusz Kaminski (Biscuit Filmworks).

“We collaborated with these world-class directors to create what we think will be incredibly memorable ads. Seeing their talent and skill in storytelling was inspirational to our entire team. We can’t wait to see the finished products,” said Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor America.