HNA Group Aviation Industry Companies Expand Globally

HNA Group Aviation Industry Companies Expand GloballyHNA Group Aviation Industry Companies Expand Globally

HNA Group Hainan Airlines recently begins two new routes between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and the Chinese cities of Chengdu and Chongqing

Apart from opening flight routes, HNA Group has conducted several strategic investments that focused on the aviation sector during these years, which also contribute to its expansion in the aviation sector globally. The collaborations between HNA Group’s aviation industry subsidiaries contribute to its expansion globally.

The new Chongqing-New York and Chengdu-New York routes are both served by Swissport, the world’s largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, and Gategroup, a leading global provider of products, services and solutions related to a passenger’s onboard experience. Swissport provides ground handling services, while Gategroup prepares the specially designed cabin food menu with Sichuan flavour for the new routes.

“The cooperation between HNA and Swissport brings more opportunities for both sides. For Swissport, HNA brings access to the Asian markets, and also to all the flights of HNA family. With the support of HNA, we believe we have very good chance to achieve our goals. The portfolio of HNA companies, including Gategroup, Swissport and the rest of its business, enhances its centre of expertise in the aviation industry. And I think it’s good to be able to help each other, exchange best practices, and have the opportunities to talk about what’s the best way forward for our business,” said Dany Nasr, CEO of Swissport USA.

“Since Gategroup joined the HNA family in 2016, we are trying to contribute to each other. Our catering business, business model, global brand and best operational practices are the key reasons that HNA was interested in acquiring us. And for us, HNA’s knowhow and expertise in aviation industry will be a benefit. We are already searching for new business opportunities with HNA family; one successful case is being able to serve Hainan Airlines for the new routes. We are working together also with HNA’s hotel and railway service sectors to explore further development. Apart from these, HNA brings us the first class access to APAC/China markets, which is very important for us to further expand our footprint globally,” said Herman Ambeek, President of Gategroup Americas and EMEA.

After joining HNA family, Gategroup’s financial performance for the year 2016 improved substantially across all areas. Total revenue increased 12.2% to CHF 3,363.1 million/£2,534.8 million.

Besides the strategic collaboration, both companies develop their CSR works together with HNA Group. Dany Nasr said that HNA’s global layout contributes to a greater ability of Swissport to make a difference with a combined social responsibility agenda. Swissport’s staffs can go abroad and having their career opportunities across HNA family. And Gategroup will work in with HNA Group in the WFP-HNA Syrian Refugee Assistance Initiative, intended specifically to provide food assistance to Syrian refugees in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.