The brand’s latest TVC is centred around its luxury fractional jet fleet, Red Label, and is aimed at the jetliner’s target audience of high net worth individuals

American luxury jetliner, Flexjet, has released an all-new television commercial titled, Be Transported, in conjunction with its Red Label brand, to showcase flight crews that are dedicated to a single aircraft, artisan cabin interiors, and access to its latest fractional jet fleet.

While the spot is scheduled to run on weekdays across CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business Network during the month of October, the advertisement currently also available through the brand’s YouTube channel, while slated for long-form digital distribution via the Flexjet website later this year.

The commercial tells the Red Label story while evoking a sense of freedom and relaxation possible only via private jet travel. The experience is brought to life using striking imagery of aircraft and individuals immersed in memorable moments while in the air and at their destinations.

The commercial was shot in Uruguay and California. The former proved an optimal location as it had the visual components the commercial required such as mountainous terrain, an untouched coastline and seascapes as well as European-looking cityscapes to visually reinforce Flexjet’s direct intercontinental travel capabilities.

Meanwhile, the ultra-long-range Global Express jet featured flew nonstop from the fleet’s headquarters in Dallas to Montevideo, Uruguay. Once there, the commercial’s scenes were shot during the so-called ‘golden hour’—when daylight starts to fade and evening approaches, further enhancing the cinematography and emotional aspect.

“We carefully selected the timing and placement of the campaign because we know our target market of high net worth individuals and corporate executives watch these business networks with great regularity, and because half of current and prospective Flexjet owners make their purchasing decisions during the fourth quarter of the year,” said Christopher Bero, Vice President of Global Marketing of Flexjet.

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