Michael Kors stands as the pioneer among retailers in adopting Dynamic Yield’s next-generation customer assistant, a subsidiary of Mastercard.

The luxury brand is rolling out the Shopping Muse solution to consumers worldwide through its website. Announced in November 2023 and powered by generative AI, Shopping Muse integrates contextual and behavioural insights to provide recommendations based on the retailer’s keywords, visual cues, and the consumer’s personal preferences and affinities.

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For instance, Shopping Muse might tailor personalised product suggestions for a customer based on search terms such as “vintage” or “beach formal.” These recommendations are customised to match the unique characteristics of each consumer, utilising the context of their interactions to refine search results and effectively address unconventional queries.

Shopping Muse analyses session browsing history and past purchases to better predict an individual shopper’s future buying intent, while also considering broader shopper trends. Additionally, using integrated image recognition tools, Shopping Muse can recommend relevant products to Michael Kors customers based on visual similarities, even if the items lack the appropriate technical tags.

As a result, Michael Kors aims to create an online shopping environment that closely mirrors the personalisation of the in-store experience. According to Dynamic Yield, initial tests revealed that Shopping Muse generated a 15-20% higher conversion rate compared to traditional search queries.

“As a trailblazer in ready-to-wear fashion, Michael Kors is a perfect example of how to put our ready-to-use technology to use,” said Dynamic Yield CEO Ori Bauer. “Shopping Muse is helping translate the signature Michael Kors service to the digital world, delivering a satisfying shopping experience as singular and impactful as the brand’s aesthetic.”

Michael Kors

“Solutions like Shopping Muse represent the next natural step in the retail revolution, centralising the consumer’s role in the shopping journey,” said Raj Seshadri, president of Data & Services at Mastercard. “At Mastercard, we’re utilising technology and machine learning to achieve better outcomes for both brands and consumers.”

By integrating Shopping Muse, Michael Kors positions itself to elevate the online shopping experience, offering customers personalized recommendations and a seamless journey that mirrors the in-store service. This innovative step not only highlights the brand’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology but also sets a new standard in the retail industry for customer-centric digital experiences. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, Michael Kors and Mastercard’s Dynamic Yield are at the forefront, ensuring that consumers remain at the heart of the shopping experience.

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