Duracell PowerForward Responds to Hurricane Maria Devastation

Duracell PowerForward Responds to Hurricane Maria Devastation

Most trusted battery brand, Duracell, embarks on largest deployment in programme history, bringing more than US $1 million/£ 760k worth of batteries to the island

When natural disasters hit and power is lost, Duracell PowerForward powers back communities by delivering free batteries where they are needed most. Right now, that’s in Puerto Rico. That’s why Duracell PowerForward is deploying to Puerto Rico to distribute more than US $1 million/£ 760k worth of batteries, making this the programme’s largest deployment since the initiative began in 2011.

“We at Duracell have been deeply moved by the resilience of those in Puerto Rico. Through our PowerForward initiative, a programme I am most humbled and proud to be a part of, we will be distributing more than US $1 million/£ 760k worth of batteries to local residents over the next month or more,” said Ramon Velutini, Vice President of Marketing at Duracell.

“Trusted power is absolutely critical following widespread power outages caused by storms like Hurricane Maria, and we will be offering free Duracell batteries to help residents stay safe and connect with their loved ones by powering mobile devices, radios and flashlights, and providing trusted power for critical medical devices like dialysis machines, hearing aids and ventilators,” added Velutini.

At the time of release, 89% of the island of Puerto Rico is still without power according to Status.pr. The Duracell PowerForward team departed from Portsmouth International Airport at Pease in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at 7:00am ET on Thursday, October 12, and will be arriving in San Juan at 10:30am ET to distribute the most trusted batteries and offer free mobile charging. Duracell is working closely with the Red Cross and the office of the First Lady of Puerto Rico to determine the most in-need locations on the island. The Red Cross organisation was on the ground to help load over 30 tonnes, or 60,000 pounds, for the Duracell PowerForward deployment beginning in San Juan on Thursday, 12 October.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and floods are happening more frequently every year, causing power outages for millions of people. To assist those in need and to help communities recover, Duracell created the PowerForward programme. Since 2011, Duracell PowerForward has been helping affected communities across the country by distributing free Duracell batteries, charging mobile devices, and providing internet access to those in need so they can connect with loved ones.