Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has launched a new visual identity and branding, that will guide its actions across the globe with it’s new tagline, “Good Health Can’t Wait”

Dr. Reddy’s is a a multinational pharmaceutical company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, and Bombay Stock Exchange, and employs over 20,000 people.

The brand says that its new logo is an expression of empathy and dynamism, which helps keep patients at the centre of everything that Dr. Reddy’s does. Empathy helps gain rich insights into patients’ needs, and Dynamism enables Dr. Reddy’s to address these needs – innovatively and with agility. The heart depicts empathy and caring while the circles connote dynamism and responsiveness.

The company has also chosen a new corporate colour – purple, which is associated with creativity and wisdom. Overall, the new identity speaks of Dr. Reddy’s constant endeavour to understand the unmet and under-met needs of patients, and the swift action to solve them.

The objective of the rebranding exercise is to derive a unifying, patient-centric approach, to meet new and daunting challenges that patients are facing. With the healthcare scenario changing rapidly, it is important to be driven by a common goal that adds value to every touch-point for patients and partners alike.

Commenting on the launch, Satish Reddy, Chairman, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories said, “Over 31 years, Dr. Reddy’s has grown from a manufacturer of APIs into a multinational pharmaceutical brand of repute, with operations in over 25 countries. Throughout this journey, we have remained true to our core values, even as we continually transform to keep pace with the changing needs of our patients and partners. Our belief ‘Good Health Can’t Wait’ lends new meaning to our core purpose of accelerating access to affordable and innovative medicines.”

The re-branding will be executed in two stages. In the first phase, the corporate brand has transitioned to the new identity. Phase two will see the new identity transitioning on to the company’s product packaging.

The existing logo and brand identity will remain in place and valid until changes that are pertinent to legal processes, documentation and other regulatory or statutory changes are complete.

The brand believes that its new identity expresses its purpose and belief in a compelling way and reiterates its focus on keeping patients at the heart of everything it does.

“Our goal has always been singular: to ensure expensive medicines are within the reach of patients. Our focus has always been the patient. While we have expanded over the years, our purpose has remained unchanged: to bring high quality medicines within the reach of all. Today, we wish to re-dedicate ourselves to that purpose because we believe that for every human being, good health is always the first priority. In simple terms: ‘Good Health Can’t Wait,’ added G V Prasad, Co Chairman and CEO of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

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