Domino’s Beefs Up Digital Lineup with Apple Watch

Dominos Apple Watch

Last month, the brand offered its customers in the United Kingdom access to the Easy Order app via the Apple Watch platform

Domino’s has introduced a new mode of payment to include Apple Watch transactions. Launched on 17 February 2016, the addition solidifies its Easy Order proposition to simplify the purchase process for consumers as well as beefs up the quick service giant’s existing digital infrastructure for transactions.

The brand is the first national pizza company in the United States to roll-out ordering capabilities via the aforementioned channel. Last month, Domino’s made it possible for its customers in the United Kingdom to leverage its Easy Order app in conjunction with the Apple Watch.

To engage the newly introduced service, users must have a Pizza Profile with a saved Easy Order. They are then allowed to take advantage of the fan-favourite Domino’s Tracker to trace the status of their order from the moment it is placed to when it goes out on delivery or is ready for carryout.

To take advantage of the Apple Watch experience, a buyer simply has to download Domino’s ordering app for iOS from the App Store and switch the ‘Show App on Apple Watch’ feature on via the watch’s app settings. Apple Watch marks the brand’s ninth platform in its suite of AnyWare Technology.

“Ordering via Apple Watch is the latest addition to a growing list of technology that customers can use to place and track their Easy Order from anywhere, at any time, and using any device they want,” said Dennis Maloney, Vice President – Chief Digital Officer at Domino’s.