Coors Light Pops Open Super Refresh-Men for iOS and Android

Coors Light Super

The game has extended to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and for download on Apple and android devices, making the brand the first to create a sequel to a mini-game execution

Brewery giant, Coors Light, has unveiled its new mobile game dubbed, Super Refresh-Men, on iOS and Android. The 8-bit brawler-style game challenges legal-drinking-age players to save the Rockies and deliver ice-cold Coors Light in classic video game fashion for both novice and experienced gamers.

The fresh installation builds on the success of the original game, Coors Light Refresh-Men, released in 2014 on Xbox 360 in a Branded Landing Experience. An ad-based mini-game, Refresh-Men has the longest average time spent globally in the Landing Experience, with more than 12 minutes spent playing the game per unique user.

The game had now expanded to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and for download on Apple and Android mobile devices, making the brand the first of its kind to create a direct sequel to a previous mini-game execution. It is downloaded for beginning today. Users can click the Coors Light ads across the Xbox dashboard for the console version.

Super Refresh-Men features new levels, storylines, bad guys, moves, and power-ups. Fans of classic games will love the look and feel of the game, whether battling Scorcher solo on the mobile game or playing with friends as Avalanche or Rocky on an Xbox console,” said Danielle Rappoport, Senior Marketing Manager of Coors Light.

Players can pick one of four characters while battling bad guys and bosses through five levels, collecting Coors Light along the way. The plot with overly pixelated imagery, bright colours, and arcade-style typography is characteristic of brawler games of the 1980s, but with the modern twist to deliver Coors Light to those in need.

“Understanding the platforms users are on is vital for brands to drive unique, emotional connections with their customers. Coors Light has led that charge among alcohol and beverage brands,” said Ritu Trivedi, VP of Packaging Strategy and Solutions of AOL, the new advertising initiatives partner for Xbox via AOL’s Partner Studio.

To download and play the game, search for Coors Light in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit the brand’s official website.