“La Familia” – This Spicy exchange by Cholula in producing streetwear fashion in collaboration with Uprisers is worth mentioning!

Cholula’s merch drop in collaboration with Uprisers is a spicy and novelty swag. If you’re Cholula hot sauce enthusiast, you must be excited to unveil this new collection by Cholula X Uprisers – La Familia.

Together, this co-branding aims to launch trendy streetwear, exhibiting its fiery and iconic touch. Therefore, mark “28 June’ on your calendar to never miss this sizzling collection.

With over $6 billion in annual sales across 170 countries, Cholula is all set for a new venture. Following this, its collaboration with Uprisers will push fashion boundaries and bring positive sentiments.

La Familia collection by Cholula and UPRISERS

A Quick Dig Into the Cholula X Uprisers’ Collections

Undoubtedly, one thing that would be troubling you is what the mixture of Cholula and Upriser’s essence, La Familia, will produce. Let’s find out more about their highly-anticipated collection.

  1. A Mercado-style tote bag to give a vintage look
  2. A 100-year-old heavyweight tee
  3. “UPRISERS X Cholula” sticker
  4. A ‘La Familia’ trucker hat
  5. New Cholula taco seasoning and Cholula salsa

This way, this streetwear drop along with trending Cholula sauce infuses new culinary creations and enriching Cholula’s flavor.

Michelle K. Hanabusa, founder of UPRISERS said, “We are more than just a clothing brand; we are champions of unheard voices and untold stories.”

He continued,  “Discovering that Cholula is one of the only hot sauce brands with an iconic female figure on their label struck a chord with me. In a streetwear industry largely dominated by men, this singular fact resonated deeply and why it felt important for UPRISERS to collaborate with Cholula to celebrate this significant moment. It’s in the UPRISERS’s DNA to find moments like these that can be conversational starters with our family and friends.”

Do you want to know how much this spicy swag will cost? You’ll charge zero amount for this collection. Yes, you’re hearing it right! Cholula and UPRISERS drop is free of cost. Therefore, set your calendar and set your alarm at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT.

Remember, everything will be snatched pretty quickly. Therefore, hop on to UPRISERS website, https://weareuprisers.com/ sharp on Wednesday, June 28.

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