Chile Promotes World-Class Services Platform in International Campaign

Highlighting its innovative, creative, and high-quality service sector, “Chile, a World of Services” launches in the United States this week

Reliability, diligence, and creativity are the main attributes of Chile’s services brand highlighted in a new international campaign launched by Imagen de Chile, the organisation responsible for promoting Chile’s image around the world. Titled “Ask About Chile, a World of Services“, the campaign is being presented this week for the first time in the United States to key partners and stakeholders following a launch in Latin America last month, and features a new website, social media accounts, brand ambassadors, sectoral brands, and a range of international marketing activities and B2B events.

Aimed toward international business audiences, the campaign highlights Chile’s robust and advanced engineering, technology, and creative sectors, built on values that have led Chile to become the most competitive country in Latin America, and one of the leaders in economic growth and development in the region. In recent years, Chilean services providers have turned challenges into opportunities across the region by developing innovative solutions that come from its diverse geographical features, climates, landscapes, and regions.

Chile has also become a beacon of technology and innovation in Latin America, as their incubator START UP Chile has fostered the growth of technology throughout the Americas. Chile’s unique areas of expertise resulted in the development of top of the line services in the creative, information communication technology (ICT), and engineering sectors that companies in the United States and across the hemisphere are increasingly leveraging to advance their business objectives. Today, nontraditional services account for more than US $1 billion/£750 million annually, and both traditional and nontraditional services account for more than 60% of Chile’s GDP. The nontraditional services sector has grown over 7% in the past 10 years, going from US $92 million/£69.4 million to US $1 billion/£750 million, from 127 to 581 companies, and from 60 to 120 markets from 1997 to 2016. Chile is currently exporting over US $270 million/£204 million to the United States, the top destination for Chilean services.

“Chile, a World of Services” also highlights the work of key Chilean companies in the engineering, ICT, and creative sectors. Brand Ambassadors for the campaign include: Monica Retamal, an ICT entrepreneur looking to democratise access to technology through her work with Ki Technology, Margaret Lengerich, a Chilean engineer looking to improve health with her innovating water filtering system, Academy Award winning film producer Gabriel Osorio, Maureen Berho, head of Niebla Games, one of the top Chilean videogame design companies, and Cazú Zegers, world-renown architect incorporating poetry into her designs.

Executive Director of Imagen de Chile, Myriam Gomez, commented: “Our services offer has experienced a true revolution in terms of diversity, specialisation and innovation. It has been recognised internationally for its quality and creativity. We are launching our campaign to strengthen the sector’s presence in the United States, the top destination for our non-traditional services. The U.S. market received over US $271 million/£204.5 million in 2016, three times as much as in 2007, according to ProChile”.

Chile is also launching new sectoral brands as part of its efforts to promote national production, including the ICT brand “Ch1l3, a Digital Country”, which will be presented this month in the United States, and highlights Chile’s leadership in innovation and technology. Events in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, will present the progress made by Chile in creating solutions for the tech sector to key United States stakeholders. The country also launched “Chile Mining” to promote Chile’s competitive advantages in the mining sector this September in Peru.