Brand Celebrates Half-Century Anniversary by Opening Up a Diner for a Day and Unveiling a New Nostalgic Video that Highlights 50 Years of Clean Up

Bounty paper towels is celebrating 50 years of innovation and excellence. Since its launch in 1965, the brand has been a leader in the paper towel industry, listening closely to consumer needs and making products that help pick up life’s every day messes. The brand recently marked its 50th anniversary with a celebration at “Bounty Diner” – a takeover of a diner in Cincinnati, offering free meals and snacks to the public. Bounty also unveiled a video that revisits how the Quicker Picker-Upper has been a staple in homes for generations.

Bounty’s earliest commercials featured the iconic character Rosie, from the fictional Rosie’s Diner, who introduced Bounty as the “Quicker Picker-Upper.” She used Bounty paper towels to clean up after her patrons’ many spills, demonstrating Bounty’s superior absorbency and strength. The Bounty diner takeover is a unique one-day tribute to Rosie, as well as Bounty’s rich history of innovation, and all are welcome to this special “throwback” experience.

“Bounty has been soaking up spills for five decades, offering Americans a better way to clean all of the spills and messes that come with everyday life,” said Matt Barresi, Bounty Marketing Director. “We’re proud to celebrate Bounty’s 50th anniversary and recognise the brand’s long history as the Quicker Picker-Upper. From our first paper towel product in 1965, through the launch of our latest innovation, Bounty with Dawn, Bounty has continually revolutionised our product so consumers can pick up messes quickly and completely.”

The recent launch of Bounty with Dawn reinforces Bounty’s place as a leader in the paper towel industry. Launched in February 2015, new Bounty with Dawn is a 2-in-1 product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with the cleaning power of Dawn, and it can be used to blast through tough messes in the kitchen and home.

P&G sold the UK rights of the product Bounty to Swedish manufacturer Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) in 2007, on the understanding that SCA would rebrand the product to their own name within a limited time period. The product on sale as “Bounty” in the UK was eventually rebranded as Plenty.

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