BET Networks and WP Narrative_ Let Fans Explore the Mind of Bobby Brown

The Bobby Brown Story BET Networks WP Narrative_

HARLEM WEEK Art Installation and Interactive Experience celebrates the premiere of “The Bobby Brown Story”

BET Networks and WP Narrative_, a creative and technology brand studio, take fans into the complex and creative mind of Bobby Brown. In celebration of The Bobby Brown Story, WP Narrative_ has created an art installation that is a sensorial experience that will premier during New York City’s Harlem Week, Sunday, 19 August.

The 30-foot Bobby Brown head replica with his face and iconic fade haircut will allow people to enter the Bobby Brown “Theatre of the Mind” allowing fans to walk through the head of Bobby Brown and experience an imaginative interpretation of his music, relationships, highs and lows along with the creative process that made him a pop culture legacy.

“BET Networks continues to elevate viewer engagement in new and creative ways as it expands the impact of the much-anticipated miniseries ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ to include an immersive fan experience during this NYC’s HARLEM WEEK,” said Jeanine Liburd, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, BET Networks.

“We are thrilled to partner with the innovative team at WP Narrative_ to amplify the buzz of the biopic and offer viewers a sneak peek into the mind of R&B legend Bobby Brown. This multilayered-storytelling installation is part of several activations lined up for the series and will definitely get fans excited for the series!”

“When BET approached us to create the promotional piece for the Bobby Brown biopic premiere, we knew the best way was through his head,” said Tricia Clarke-Stone, CEO of WP Narrative_.

“Given our close relationship to the entertainment industry and expertise in curating brand experiences through content and tech, it’s been exciting to create a story that people can walk around in, delivering a truly immersive experience.

Highlights from Bobby Brown “Theatre of the Mind” installation include an instagramable moment of the summer is the three-story-tall Inflatable head of Bobby Brown in his prime created in collaboration with the art collective, CoolSh*T.

As the public physically enters his mind, they experience 3-dimensional storytelling, passing through his ephemeral thoughts, capturing his highs and lows, surrounded by projection mapped brain synapses and floating 3D holograms of key imagery from his life.

In partnership with Holographic Entrance, the mind technology included a FogScreen Projection – video imagery on a wall of fog creating a 3D images that people can walk through and touch, HyperVsn Holograms – 3D holograms, and a 2D Projection Mapped Light show of Bobby’s brain science.