Balenciaga Unveils Controversial Towel Skirt for $925


Balenciaga, a brand synonymous with pushing fashion boundaries, has once again stirred controversy with the unveiling of its latest creation, the towel skirt. This innovative yet polarizing piece debuted as part of its Spring 2024 collection, causing a frenzy across social media platforms.

Priced at a staggering $925, the unisex terry cotton towel skirt has gathered mixed reactions from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The knee-length skirt, designed to fit at the mid-waist, boasts two buttons and an adjustable belt with a buckle. Further, it elevates the ordinary towel into a high-fashion statement.

Despite the amusement it sparked, many critics and social media users expressed disbelief at the price point set by the luxury fashion house. Some took to platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share their thoughts. One commentator suggested, “I’m convinced that Balenciaga is a social experiment,” while another likened the fashion world to “living in the Zoolander world.”

This bold Balenciaga skirt release for pre-order further fueled debates on its practicality and value. Alongside its hefty price tag, the skirt’s requirement for dry cleaning added another layer to the ongoing discussions.

towel skirt
Image Source Balenciaga

The towel skirt marks another addition to Balenciaga’s history of unconventional products. Basically, it is to join the ranks of previous eyebrow-raising releases like the $1,800 Balenciaga bag and shoelace earrings. 

Despite past controversies, the brand continues to challenge traditional fashion norms, drawing both admiration and skepticism from industry insiders and consumers alike.

Amidst the reactions, fashion commentators such as Diet Prada took to Instagram to express surprise at Balenciaga’s return. It aimed to create attention-grabbing pieces, commenting, “But I thought Balenciaga was over making viral clickbaity fashion after their scandal, lol.”

With widespread skepticism and amusement, the luxury brand remains undeterred. Surprisingly, it offers enthusiasts the chance to pre-order this innovative garment. Interested buyers can access the pre-order option on Balenciaga’s official website.

The towel skirt’s release signifies Balenciaga’s unwavering commitment to challenging conventional fashion norms and continues to spark conversations. Moreover, it blurs the lines between art, luxury, and everyday wear.

Maheen Fatima
Maheen Fatima
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