Automate Ads Enhances Advertiser Offerings with Automation Tasks

Automation of management and optimisation of existing campaigns by Facebook and Google Adwords advertisers now enhanced

Automate Ads, the Y-Combinator-backed digital advertising automation company, has newly launched Automation Tasks to help Facebook and Google Adwords advertisers automate their day-to-day management and optimisation of existing native ad campaigns.

Automate Ads’ mission is to programmatically automate, optimise, and unify cross-channel ad campaigns with incredible web and mobile software. The platform automates manual day-to-day campaign management and optimisation responsibilities such as budget management, creative A/B testing, bid optimisation, ad rotation, and campaign monitoring among others.

Automation Tasks can be added to existing native ad campaigns in 60 seconds from the Automate Ads dashboard. On average, automated campaigns improve ROI by 45% and save advertisers 20+ hours a week in manual campaign management work.

“Programmatic paid media automation is already driving the customer journey for enterprise brands. Our goal is to bring this powerful technology to advertisers of every size by offering beautiful web and mobile software at a price that makes sense,” said Andrew Torba, CEO of Automate Ads.

“Digital advertisers can create an Automation Task for their existing native ad campaigns in seconds. Our Automation Systems will take over the daily management of the campaign based on custom settings. This has never been done before and is game-changing for digital advertisers.”