Asda in store brand “George” to sell second-hand clothing!

Well known supermarket chain Asda to start selling second-hand clothes across 50 of it's UK stores.

The retailer spoke of the concept’s success after trying it out in one of their stores in Leeds. After the test run, they’ve decided to stock affordable second-hand clothing widely across 50 stores in the UK. 

The idea initially stemmed from the brand wanting to encourage store users to take back unwanted clothes. Asda stated that the scheme would “give a new lease of life” to pre-loved clothing. For help with this new avenue, Asda has joined forces with specialist wholesaler Preloved Vintage Kilo.

Preloved Vintage Kilo and Preloved Vintage Wholesale Ltd is widely known for their pop up vintage clothing stalls at festivals and events on huge scales with unbelievable prices. Preloved Vintage Managing Director Steve Lynam noted that the company had prevented over 800 tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill and that linking their efforts with Asda would increase the number “dramatically”.

The hope for this venture is to enable customers to “buy vintage, retro and second-hand branded pieces, preventing thousands of tonnes of garments going to landfill each year”. 

With Asda being the third largest supermarket chain with a staggering 632 stores, this venture is sure to make a huge difference, with the brand hoping to establish this scheme starting with 50 of their stores! Asda will be retailing under the PVW (Preloved Vintage Wholesale) brand name, the second-hand garments will be available at stores in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Brighton, amongst many others!

Asda stated “In a world where we are becoming more environmentally conscious, this partnership will help bring sustainable fashion to the mainstream which is something as a business we strive for in everything that we do”. 

It would seem, the issue of sustainable fashion and products has finally been grasped by a number of retailers over the past few years. 

Several companies offer to take back pre-loved clothes, including Asda, Primark, Marks and Spencer’s. These examples have recycling schemes in place which allows customers to return used garments. Ikea have announced their buy back scheme earlier this year, meaning they will buy back and resell used furniture. You can even shop second-hand online with a range of apps available. It’s nice to see big brands trying to make a difference.