Featuring digital activations, the ad includes one of the first applications of Twitter Conversational Video to launch a Super Bowl spot

Acura has launched a new advertising campaign to showcase the next generation NSX, the only supercar made in the United States. The latest commercial from the automotive giant features the soundtrack of an iconic American rock song and will debut at the Big Game this February 2016.

Featuring the high energy vocal effects of the Van Halen classic, Runnin’ with the Devil, it sets the tone of the advertisement reserved for the first quarter of the Big Game. The spot highlights the Precision Crafted Performance brand direction which serves as the marque’s core and is vividly represented by the said variant.

A preview spot has since premiered via Acura’s official website as well as its social media platforms before the major event’s debut. Augmented with a series of unique digital activations and live experiences, it includes one of the first applications of Twitter Conversational Video to launch a Super Bowl spot.

“With our Acura commercial, we wanted to convey the excitement of the NSX to a big Super Bowl audience. The high energy visuals are complemented by a big rock anthem, giving viewers just a taste of the emotion this new Acura supercar elicits,” said Jon Ikeda, Vice President and General Manager of Acura.

Running on the tagline What He Said, the spot demonstrates how the aforementioned supercar model is better described through raw emotion than words alone. Also, it is the first time the prolific Valen Halen has released the very hit for the advertising use.

The 30-second visual relies on the design and inner workings of the NSX, with the landmark track building softly in the background before erupting in a powerful crescendo through rapid-fire vocals. It was created to holler and scream, responding to every camera movement across the intricate details of the vehicle.

The colour palette of the ad is red, white, and blue—a celebration of the only supercar designed, developed, and manufactured in the country. Exclusive global production of the NSX is set to begin in spring 2016 in Marysville, Ohio. Acura is the first international luxury nameplate to develop and manufacture products in America.

Via Twitter Conversational Video, viewers can generate a pre-populated tweet featuring the 30-second commercial. Sharing the ad using the hashtag #DriveAcuraNSXContest and tagging a friend enters visitors into a sweepstakes for a VIP NSX driving experience. The contest is also accessible through Facebook.

Extending to the digital space, the brand will unveil a 60-second version of the Super Bowl commercial and a countdown clock beginning on 29 January, leading to the Acura NSX online vehicle configurator launch on 25 February 2016. The feature allows potential clients and fans to build their dream NSX.

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